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The Joy of Online Slot GamesThe Joy of Online Slot Games

The Joy of Online Slot GamesThe Joy of Online Slot Games

Gladiator Garage Works specializes in all things for making your garage a better place, from workbenches to cabinets, full wall systems and wall components, to appliances and flooring. But as a company that strives to be the best, they are continually coming out with new products that fulfill various needs or improves on other products. A majority of these new products are designed to hang on their wall slot system. Lets take a look at some of these handy ideas.

First is a storage bin holder. This holder comes with two hooks that you can position at any distance apart so that it can hold a variety of sizes of bins. The two hooks will hold a combined weight of 50 lbs. They have vinyl tips to protect hung items from being scratched. This is great for bins that you need to access on a regular basis.

Another great Gladiator Garage Works item is an extra deep, heavy duty steel shelf called a Gearloft Shelf. This shelf is also designed to hang on the Gladiator wall system, and having it extra deep is really nice, because I often wondered miabet88  why shelves on these types of systems were so narrow. The shelf is hung on the slot wall with strong brackets that are a part of the shelf. The shelf can be hung with the brackets up or down. Though I would have to say that one of the best features is that the shelf is made of see through woven metal mesh. This is really nice because you can hang the shelf up high, and still be able to see from below what is on the shelf.

For the avid fisherman who is tired of his poles getting tangled there is the Gladiator fishing pole holder. This is a set of four round hooks that can be used for two poles. The bottom of the pole rests in one hook, and the top is held in place with another on the wall slot system. Poles can be hung vertically or horizontally.

With Father’s Day approaching soon, a Golf Caddy that hangs on your Gladiator Garage Works slot wall may be a great option versus a new tie. The caddy has enough room to hold two large golf bags with a shelf underneath for your golf shoes. There is also a ball holder that will hold up to six golf balls.

If you have any kids, then you probably have a lot of balls rolling around, they just don’t stay well on a shelf! So Gladiator came up with a Ball Caddy that is made of mesh with vertical elastic bands to create two 4.5″ openings. This is great of accessing any ball without having to get them all out of the caddy. This mesh basket is large enough to hold up to nine basketballs.

I think that Gladiator Garage Works most innovative new product is the Project Caddy. This caddy is designed for most any hobby. It is composed of a small shelf with side hooks and a portable utility bag that hangs on a hook below the shelf. Great for easy viewing and access to any tool or item you could need for a multitude of hobbies and projects.

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